The science of serenity.

The Calmz® Anxiety Relief System combines several known non-invasive therapies, such as vibration, music, tones, and compression, into one wearable. Independently, studies have shown each modality to be successful in reducing stress in animals. The Calmz® system is the first to incorporate all into one system.

The Calmz® system relies on non-invasive, proprietary NeuroSync technology (a combination of peripheral sensory and vestibular stimulation) to redirect the dog and signal the canine brain to shut down the production of adrenalin.

The Calmz® multimodal neurostimulation system administers drug-free, non-invasive therapy in several ways. To hold the Calmz® device securely in place along the spine and over known calming acupressure points, the dog wears the Calmz® comfort fit compression vest.

Turning on the Calmz® system activates peripheral sensory nerves that signal the spinal cord as well as the brain's cortex and parietal lobe. The frontal lobe in turn activates the cerebellum, which controls sympathetic outputs, helping vasodilation and oxygenation, resulting in reduced stress. Additionally, auditory vibrational stimulation, delivered at specific frequencies, activates vestibular nerves and along to the cerebellum. This combination of stimulation aids in diminishing anxiety in dogs, allowing them to relax.

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