Anxious to provide a new kind of anxiety relief?

The drug-free, non-invasive CALMZ® Anxiety Relief System is a patented neural activation wearable that consists of a comfort vest and therapeutic device that emits a proprietary blend of soothing classical music, mild vibration and low-frequency tones. The CALMZ® system is preprogrammed with 8 treatment settings, consisting of vibration intensity, duration and repeat cycle variations, give you options of administering therapy. When used over a period of time, studies have shown that the CALMZ® system is effective in helping dogs relax and feel calm in many anxiety-provoking scenarios.

Functionally, the multi-modal CALMZ® therapeutic delivery system employs vestibular (audible) and peripheral sensory (tactile) stimulations to achieve test-proven anxiety relief in dogs. The vestibular stimulation is the result of low-frequency tuning fork tones that are blended with a modified version of the classical piece, Beethoven's Für Elise. The peripheral sensory stimulation comes from the massaging sensation generated from the device when placed on acupressure calming points along the spine, creating a sense of being touched and caressed.

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