Calmz® is the new, non-invasive solution for canine fear, anxiety and stress.

Unlike some products that have been used to help reduce anxiety in dogs, the Calmz® Anxiety Relief System is tested, validated and proven to be effective. Some of our studies and clinical work is shown below. We also currently have a group of Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorists performing in-home testing of the Calmz® system within their practice. Once that study is complete, we will update this section with their results and best practices.

Clinical Study Results
CanCog Technologies, Inc. - Gary Landsberg, BSc, DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM
  • Anxiety-reducing effectiveness of Calmz® Anxiety Relief System in Beagle dogs in a modified thunderstorm model
  • Observation Study of 24 dogs comprised of 12 active group dogs compared to 12 control group dogs
  • Baseline test performed on all dogs to assess level of anxiety when exposed to recorded thunderstorm
  • Both groups were then tested and results were assessed for three days (active group wore an activated Calmz® system, control group wore non-activated system)
  • Results showed significantly reduced global anxiety responses observed in the active group compared to the control group
  • Conclusion – “The results provide evidence of effectiveness in reducing anxiety induced by the presence of noise.”
Canine Anxiety Pilot Study
Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB
  • Observation Study of 14 dogs, comprised of 6 in clinic and 8 in shelter.
  • One treatment session per dog, with assessments at 5 minutes before use, 5 minutes during activation, and 5 minutes after use
  • Heart rate assessments showed mean heart rates decreased from 134 to 121
  • Respiratory rate assessments showed mean respiratory rates decreased from 52 to 47
  • Conclusion - “A majority of dogs appeared significantly calmer in post-treatment observation in a stressful environment.”
Internal Study
Arlington Animal Shelter 2013
  • Shelter dogs were fitted with the Calmz® system and rated on whether the observers felt that the device reduced each dog’s anxiety level.
  • Following 10-15 minutes use of the system, observers remarked that 90% of the group dogs showed reduced anxiety, with less shaking and cowering, relaxed ears, and a calmer stance of lying down.
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